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Santa Bags any size

up to 1.4 metres wide ! yes that's a whopper but we think there will be a few people who need such a big Santa bag

good quality strong red washable polycotton fabric which can be reused for lots of purposes after Christmas or stored in a cupboard for next year, white thick drawcord

or white tape drawcord.  no minimum order, yes its Christmas.  1 for £15 +VAT , 2 for £14 + VAT, 3 £13 etc .

Phone for bulk quantities eg 50 quantity  75cm x 75cm  @ £ 9 Santa is abig chap and he is going to need to get in the gym to get those biceps in trim to lift these bags when they are full of presies.

phone one of the elves, Dozey arrives 9.15am but Parky and Hardy are here at 8.30am