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plan well ahead

Its time to order your tea towels, shoppers and aprons before £ sterling goes down further against
virtually every other currency.
The weakness of sterling has brought the new problem of higher fabric costs.
A high proportion of the cost of tea towels, canvas shoppers, aprons and yellow polishers is in
the fabric which is mostly imported from countries whose currency has been rising steeply against
But not all the cost for example labour & overheads and that is good news for our customers because we use our own
English sewing machinists and their wages are paid in £pounds not euros, dollars, yuan and rupees,
all of which have gone up against the £pound.
If you want to sleep at night and not worry if your costs are going to increase again decide what you might need over the
next 6 months and put a contract down at a FIXED PRICE, then you know what your raw material costs are going to be.
Just talk to us 01254 398017