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our product range, we forgot to tell you!

we are better at making textile products than marketing them, so lets tell you here and now what the heck, live in the 3rd millennium and adopt the modern ways of doing business, some good and some wicked, we err on the good side. Do you know that we now have 19 people beavering away ensuring that our textile products reach our customers when they need them?

well with a fine group of sewing machinists, cutters, folders, packers and yes even a sales manager we hope that we sometimes get it right, our tea towels are blank tea towels ready for printing on, was that a split infinitive? well we will sew it back on again oh dear there's another.

our blank bags for life are also made here in Accrington not India so we make the size and quality you want. yes they are a bit more expensive but they will not need any more than for you to print on them, no ironing beforehand.