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now that we are back here's why were off.

123.reg have let us down, they were meant to remind us about the triennial renewal of this website but did not do so. Our blank aprons, blank bags for life and blank tea towels are still available in spite of this complex and jargon filled operation.  we are textile manufacturers not cuddle fuzzy tecchies so we have now renewed for 10 years the new maximum which keeps our products made here in Lancashire to order on th'internet but we still like talking to people who want a price for producing 10 to 110,000 units , be they bags for life, teatowels , (tea towels to some) aprons in any colour, table runners and tablecloths for conferences and even CMT, what the heck is CMT  - Cut Make trim he replies. Eh? you ask, well you find the fabric and wheee with our wand we make coordinating oven gloves matching chair back covers, charming colours to match, on tea towels and aprons that is.