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New Year Bags for Life

Theoretically, everyone who has been given or bought a bag for life that is a shopper which is not made from this plastic will not need another so why are more needed?

Bags for life show that the user or carrier - is that why carrier bags are called carrier bags?-  cares about Mother Earth and does not chuck away plastic bags. Who DOES throw them away? we all seem to re-use plastic bags for our kitchen bin , plastic bags are now having to be bought by Welsh people to line their kitchen bin. Did you know that Wales has no less than three seats of Government. Now thats a REAL waste.

Our cotton canvas bags are biodegradable at the end of their life (20 years from now) and meanwhile can be used as a Lady Bishops Mitre (unlikely) or even a shopping bag bag.  We also make plastic bag recycling tubes, push them in the top and pull them out of the bottom, we have got one have you. Now thats not a waste.

No the reason for more bags for life is that companies want a cotton shopper bag which promotes their name whilst you are walking on the street.gusseted-canvas-shopper-fabric-handles