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new quality British Tea towels

We are making thosands of tea towels here in Lancashire as Her Majesty The Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubile. e she does so as the second longest serving Monarch in a thousand years of British history. Textiles4print have been in business for a little less than that,  94 years actually.

Her Majesty The Queen is Head of a Commonwealth of two billion people, in fifty-four nations over five Continents. At the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth last October, it was unanimously agreed to establish The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, to honour Her Majesty's lifetime of duty, and create an enduring legacy to her sixty years of service.

The Trust, which was launched officially on 6th February 2012 – the 60th Anniversary of Her Majesty’s Accession – aims to raise funds from Governments, individuals, organisations and industry, to invest in projects that will make a real and lasting impact on the lives of people – of all generations – throughout the Commonwealth. All 17 people in our little company who toil away every day making tea towels, bags for like and aprons wish her well and offer her our congratulations