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more blank textiles for printers

Lead times will be cut from 4 weeks to 2 weeks and production volume will be increased soon as a result of the forthcoming new sewing rooms which we have now got funding for from the EU.

an additional 10 jobs will be created over the next 2 years. Our picture shows the last work we undertook on an almost identical project 5 years ago. A Mezzanine floor was created by engineers and contractors Doity ltd who are in Rochdale close to Textiles4print. It made sense to ask them to do the imminent work as they did a good job and we know that they will match the height of the first storage floor which they made and installed. Apron fabric and oven glove materials will be stored in the new room. 25% of the existing office will be given up to create a new sewing room.

Yes the office will be a bit squashed so we are recruiting much smaller people in future who will design small aprons, childrens party bags and mini tea towels to dry bunny plates and little forks.