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letter from Buckingham Palace

" I think there seems to be something of a misun­der­standing" said David Hutson Assistant treasurer to their Royal Highnesses.

Isn't it all a bit Lewis Carroll when the Royals want Alice's plain logic and get An Assistant Treasurer. Hey ho!

The national press had got it wrong.   There never was a ban on providing tea towels for printing, bags for life for printing or even aprons for the industry's flunkies to buy from our esteemed company much deserved of a Royal Appointment as we MAKE TEXTILE PRODUCTS rather than importing them from starving millionaires in India, China and Pakistan.

Well at least we now have affirmation that you our customers can print tea towels , print shoppers and print any other small (or large) textile product to commemorate, remember, remind ourselves that we were not invited to the BIG DO.

We hope they sell well and we all like a bit of nostalgia so farewell the mousemat, hello to the Right Royally printed Royal embossed Tea Towel.

You do know that we make tea cosies and oven gloves now don't you?

Well, we are going to have a right Royal tea party up our street to celebrate. Pies, jellies and tripe. Lovely, just what you screen printers want us to do, tea towels and tripe for screen printing, bunting yes we have not mentioned bunting. We make that too.  Versatile or what?.