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environmentally friendly cotton bags for life

Yes imported bags are fit for purpose, cheap bags which really are unsuitable for heavy shopping and look cheap, are you proud to bag and carry. Why not? because they are a bit weird to carry if they have a long handle and for the sake of 20p each we can make better ones which are easier to print on and you can buy as many as you require, we are not fair trade, we have to adhere to British rules and pay tax to our treasury  most important we employ 24 people approx. £ 0.5 million in wages on which tax is paid. lets have it right, how do you really know and how do the sellers of so called Fair Trade goods know if their beliefs are true. How do they know?  the point is they believe it because the goods are cheap, and if they are cheap it is doubtful if the Fair Trade adverts and information can be justified. Buy British. insist on buying from your favourite company,  01254 398017