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easy care restaurant linen

We know that washing aprons and tablecloths cost money. here in Lancashire we make coordinating aprons, tablecloths, squares and runners, placemats and napkins. we make bib aprons ans waist aprons also bistro aprons to match the colours of your dining room and to match and coordinate with the placemats and napkins.

maybe you use a laundry but we will make you whatever you want then the laundry charges less because you have not bought the items from them.   we talk colou,r care and creativity as well as quotes, quality and quantity. The point is you can buy what you want not something which is  made in India or China. Your image is crucial, your taste and atmosphere is one of your advantages, yiou stand out from the bland crowd with textiles4print restaurant textiles. we make polycotton easy wash easy dry products.

we add your loog and name for a little extra. your logo and name are your brand you think but your real brand is actually your image. the quality stands out with our textiles, thats your brand. So invest in it, speak to us 01254 398017

we are real people not an impersonal d faceless website so phone us u 01254398017  david@textiles4print.com