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drive to smarten pub staff

Most pubs, restaurants and bistros are feeling the pinch. Less money to go round now that the price of fuel is sky high.

At Textiles4Print we want to help stricken owners bring in the customers by giving their customers an impressive image when they walk through the door.

Our aprons can match the table cloths (easy care polycotton) or mix and match pockets, apron ties (strings) and over cloths to fit the table top which can then go over a larger cloth but save on the washing.

We can quote in a day. All we need to know from you is the size of the tables and how many staff need aprons.

The aprons can be any length, bib or waist type.

There are over 30 colours to choose from.

Printers and embroiders can apply the restaurant name and logo wherever the client wants them.