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Bleed off printing needs our tea towel panels

with the current popularity of higher design quality and more colours in tea towels you may wonder where you can buy panels from, well textiles4print make them here in Lancashire , we cut them to the size you require, despatch to you, then you send them back to us for sewing. we can despatch direct to your customers and there is no need to doubt our integrity. After being in business for 95 years we believe you will trust us.


life made simple by professionals.. phone John, 01254398017


Blank tea towels for bleed of printing as well as pre hemmed sewn 2 sides and pre hemmed sewn 4 sides tea towels. We are also tmanufacturers of high quality aprons, bags for life as well as tea towel manufacturers.

Blank tea towels are always our main product and we think we know what our customers want.

we should after being around since 1918.

there are 2 main quality standards a 5oz towel and an 8 oz towel, same weave but different yarn counts