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bags for life made in Great Britain

Our experienced sewing machinists make over 50,000 shopper bags a year alongside tea towels,  aprons and bag recycling tubes. we make many environmentally friendly products in our little mill and we are a normal happy workplace with the things that can go wrong occurring every now and then as everyone suffers. Cotton canvas is promised for delivery but it doesn't arrive until a week later. the sort of thing that makes our production mamager tear his hair out. our polybag recycling tube is handy for the kitchen. just hang it on a hook and put in your empty poly bags fro Tesco, Sainsbury ASDA etc into the top of the tube and pull them out of the bottom when they are needed. we use empty poly bags for the kitchen food  waste but now we have a new small bin to put in potato peelings apple cores and tomato stalks but we don't put in meat. at our house we are very environmentally aware. we have been recycling for as long as I can remember and using or reusing polythene bags for longer than i care to think. well as long as they have been used by shop keepers and supermarkets to put our purchases in. we also use our ow cotton shopping bags, bags for life but we do not always have one handy in the car.

we run our cars on LPG. thats liquified petroleum gas which does not give off CO2.

We are proud at textiles4print that most of us have a mentality which makes us feel bad if we do not recycle.

the company hasa cut offs from the cloth and we give those to pubs, motor engineers (grease monkeys) and schools to use to clean and wipe.