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a ton of CO2 saved by Lantex solar panels

Since we installed the 14.5kw Solar Panel array towards the end of last year we have saved one ton of CO2 by generating our own electricity.

The company we chose to instal our PhotoVoltaic panels were Renewable Solutions of Liverpool. very few firms could meet our strict conditions but Renewable Solutions Ltd expertly mounted the panels almost the full length of our factory in only 4 days.

None of stock or machinery had to be moved as they worked round us.

We continued to cut and sew our customer spec aprons, tea towels, cotton bags for life,  canvas and calico shoppers (shopping bags) whilst the Renewable Solutions team mounted the frame and then the panels on our south facing roof.­   Deliveries of bleached tea towels and oven gloves went out without a hitch as per normal.­   At Lantex we are proud that we make environmentally friendly products from natural cotton and bamboo fabric.  Our muslin squares (posseting cloths) were well protected from any dust as indeed were our yellow dusters!